ISIS Wants Supporters to Commit Media Jihad

ISIS media groups are calling out for supporters to help build their media caliphate by creating more controversial media on all platforms.

A propaganda poster was passed around online showing a grenade wrapper in computer keyboard letters saying “Help to expand, transfer, and share the official contents of the Islamic State to other platforms.”

There were direct links for users to go to on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. All three have been trying for years to get rid of Islamic State content.

There was another poster that encouraged media jihad by showing a figure type on a laptop in front of icons for online platforms such as Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The same ISIS site also showed posters that made threats to air travel, showing a passenger wheel a suitcase with the ISIS logo. Another was in French urging for supports to commit media jihad through cellphones.

The UN Security Council received a report that warned ISIS senior leaders are attempting to find new “essential tasks… such as finance, logistics, military, intelligence, security, doctrine and media” as the terror group has “substantially evolved into a covert network.”


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