Joe Biden Gets Destroyed By Steve Castor; Mainstream Media Focuses on His “Silly Briefcase” During Hearing

A prominent lawyer Steve Castro testified during the impeachment hearing that there was a “legitimate basis” when President Trump asked Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky to consider an investigation into the Biden family’s shady business relationships with Ukraine.

Castor is a top lawyer, a Judicial and Intelligence Committee Republicans. He had the bravery and determination to turn the tables on the Democrat-led investigation. During an impeachment inquiry testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee, Castor flipped the subject from Trump and brought up the fact that there were very prominent concerns regarding former vice president Biden’s son’s suspicious involvement with the Ukrainian natural gas company.

Even though Hunter Biden had no experience in the natural gas industry and had no ties to Ukraine, he was reportedly making $50,000 to $83,000 a month while he was on the board of Burisma Holdings.

Castor argued that it does not make logical sense that a person who does not speak either Ukrainian or Russian and additionally has no history with the country of Ukraine be placed in a senior role on the company’s board.

“At the time that Hunter Biden joined Burisma’s board, his father, former Vice President Biden, was the Obama Administration’s point person for Ukraine,” Castor stated.

Suggesting the obvious, Castor relayed that is seemed far-fetched to believe the very unqualified Hunter Biden was only on the Burisma board because his father was currently acting as vice president.

This whole impeachment sham started when a whistleblower claimed that the president had committed a quid pro quo when he demanded Zelensky launch a public investigation into Joe Biden’s dealing with the country. More specifically, why Joe Biden significantly pressured the former president of Ukraine to fire top prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings during this time.

While Castor was bringing up many excellent points and blasting the Democrats for their impeachment farce, the mainstream media only seemed to want to focus on the bag he brought to the impeachment hearing.

Castor put his files away into a reusable grocery bag and was photographed doing so after the impeachment inquiry hearing. This had social media and many top media sites talking about this while ignoring the work that he had just done.

Top Republicans are not just giving in to the Democrats’ efforts to destroy the president and in return, destroy the American people. House Republicans are promising to use every tool they have in order to strong-arm the Democrats. Their goal is to hold a minority hearing regarding the impeachment. Led by the House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs, a letter was sent to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler. Conservatives made a note that a previous request by Republicans to have a minority hearing before the articles of impeachment were made was denied. The Democrats did not adhere to this request, but the Republican group has fought that according to rules, they hold the right to a hearing.

The group also stated that the Democrat’s probe went on to be conducted at an “unprecedented speed” and that the minority hearing should have taken place before the articles of impeachment are voted on.

“Until our procedural rights as Members of the United States House of Representatives are respected, we will avail ourselves of every parliamentary tool available to us in committees and the House floor in order to highlight your inaction,” the letter reads in part.

A total of 72 GOP lawmakers have signed the letter, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Many Republicans rightfully have been very critical of the insane impeachment shenanigans. They have blasted it as a sham and that it has been done in unrightfully secrecy. The self-righteous Democrats have adamantly said that they defend their actions, meaning that they have conducted a very fair probe into corruption.

The Democrats have completely thrown out the rule book and started a rouge witch hunt against the president who they believed was never going to win the 2020 election. They are going through with this impeachment monstrosity, and a floor vote is projected to take place before Christmas.

It really comes down to this being the left’s final and sad I might add, attempt to stop President Trump. They have gotten the media on their side to advance the goals of Democrat’s to try and harmfully remove Trump from office.

Despite the transcripts of Trump’s call to Zelensky showing us all we need to know, the left has spun a narrative that fits their agenda, and that attempts to clear Biden’s name. It was Joe Biden who urged Ukraine to fire a top and respected prosecutor. It was also Biden who did so with the threat of withholding U.S. aid. It sounds an awful lot like quid pro quo.

They tried to smear the president with contrived quid pro quo and bribery fairytales. When that fell apart after the transcript was released, they sank to drawing up articles of impeachment.

The right and Republicans have shown that they are tired of the left’s circus efforts and ready to fight to support President Trump. There has not been a single Republican congressman who has come out and supported the impeachment.

When it comes to the Senate, all but three of the entire GOP voted in opposition to the impeachment inquiry. Of the three who voted for it included, of course, the snaky Mitt Romney. It is going to take at least 20 Republican senators to vote to convict the president for removal to actually be a possibility.

We all know it was never about Russia or Ukraine; it was and is solely about hindering Trump and taking him down at any cost. Rep Karen Bass, a Democrat from California, said she and other Democrats would push to impeach Trump if he wins 2020.

She announced what is already apparent to most of us; this is an all-out war. She said she believes it would be even easier in 2020 because they could find, which means concoct, more evidence.

“For example, we could get his bank records and find out that he’s owned 100 percent by the Russians,” Bass said in the interview.

It is clear that Trump needs more right-wing support now more than ever. More Republicans in government need to make their voices heard and no longer let the Democrats drag the president through the mud.


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  1. Demonic had possessed the entire democraps’ Party! Such HATE & EVIL actions will send their’s party straight to HELL for eternity!👿

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