John Cena Supports Veterans and Community

John Cena was at the Bentonville Film Festival in Arkansas to talk about veteran support and how to build a community where veterans get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

His mission is to enrich veterans through fitness as well as enrich society through veterans by building a fitness coalition in Bentonville.

“I want to bring together groups of people who have common bonds, so when they’re in the same environment they can talk about difficult things and it’s OK because they can relate to each other,” Cena stated.

“P.T., your physical training, is part of a veteran’s background. You know it like the back of the hand because they do it every single day. So even if I haven’t served in a while, even if I haven’t done P.T. in a while, it is like riding a bike.”

The actor explained the happiness for men isn’t about being an alpha male but the connection he builds with a group of people with a common goal.

“It’s a camaraderie that shows the alpha-male, [that] being the alpha-male isn’t being a man. Being a man is being comfortable with who you are, looking at that person in the mirror being happy,” said John Cena. “Understand that we’re all flawed, facing those mistakes and those fears, and having a support system to back you up when you need help. Reach out and say ‘I don’t know if I can do this alone.’ — Have people grab that hand, shake it and hold it.”

John Cena takes charity very seriously as he holds the Make-A-Wish Foundation title for the most wishes granted by a single individual.

“I always talk about the joy that I get from Make-A-Wish experiences because the wish itself — I’m at the end of the line. I’m the wish, which is… I still can’t process that. But when someone wishes for something and it comes true and you open the door and their face lights up — I don’t live in anything but the smile in the hope and the happiness and it makes me feel good. This program does that.”


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