Journalist Charged For Luring Christians to His House to Kill

A journalist for The Queanbeyan Age in Australia is facing charges after he was caught planning to lure Christian people to his home and kill them in response to the Christchurch shooting.

James Michael Waugh, was in court after sending death threats to local to churches on Facebook and revealed that he was going to kill them with a scimitar. Waugh stated he would, “kill every single one of you dog polytheist c***s.”

Prosecutor Rae-ann Khazma told the court that he admitted to a doctor shortly after his arrest that this was retaliation for the Christ Church Mosque Massacre in New Zealand. The doctors said that they could find no signs of mental illness.

He has been charged with intent to cause public harm, using a carriage service to menace others, and possessing a weapon to kill.


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