Joy Behar: Don’t tell Americans ahead of time before you take their guns

ABC’s “The View” co-host, Joy Behar, had a piece of advice for Democrats looking to quench the presidential nomination. She outright stated that politicians who wish to take away the citizen’s rights to own guns should maintain an element of surprise.

The topic of former presidential candidate and congressman Beto O’Rourke was being tossed around the talk show table. He had made it well known that if he were elected president, he would strip guns away from voters.

Behar suggested that any Democrat who wishes to do so should wait until they are elected to violate American citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

“They should not tell everything they’re going to do. If you’re going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected — then take the guns away,” she said. “Don’t tell them ahead of time.”

During the September Democratic debate, O’Rourke created controversy when he made asinine comments regarding law-abiding gun owners. “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he stated. He said he would make sure every single one was taken back.

O’Rourke’s mission would include requiring any American who owns assault-style weapons would be forced to sell the firearms back to the government. Anyone who did not comply with this regime would be significantly fined. He also suggested a licensing system that would track who completes firearm safety training and weapon registry.

After coming out as a controversial candidate, O’Rourke fit in well with the clown show of the Democratic candidate posse. His weakening poll numbers and dwindling fundraising numbers probably made his exit from the race inevitable.

Shortly before he announced his presidential run, he lost the Texas 2018 Senate race against Ted Cruz. At first, his run seemed somewhat promising, with him raising $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign launch.

The other “View” co-hosts agreed with Behar in that O’Rourke’s failure was because he did not sustain the strong start. The other hosts also shared that his extreme anti-gun agendas hurt his showing with gun owners and even some Democrats.

O’Rourke, in his ever cocky attitude, announced that he was “born” to be president. Well, it is fair to say at this point that this is a laughable delusion.

O’Rourke made his withdrawal announcement with a tweet, “I am announcing that my service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee.” Also, in this statement, he mentioned not being able to secure the means to move forward successfully.

Shooting back at Behar’s comment, Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late John McCain, said that is precisely what Republicans expect to happen. Reflecting on Obama’s failed campaign promises, it is clear that most top politicians will say and do anything in order to gain power. What Obama presented to the public versus what he enacted into law could not be more opposite.

“By the way, that’s what people like me think they’re gonna do,” McCain quipped. “That’s what people like me think is gonna happen, so I appreciate his honesty.”

The Second Amendment was not the only one this former congressman had in mind of stripping away from the people. The First Amendment seemed to way heavily on his mind on how he could take that away also. He very openly said that he would undoubtedly strip churches tax-exempt statuses if they failed to support same-sex marriage.

When CNN anchor Don Lemon asked him this during the LGBTQ town hall event, he said that there should be no reward or benefit to religious institutions that deny full human rights. He declared that when he was elected president, he would stop any organization that dares opposes laws regarding homosexuality and the opposition to such.

The fundamental rights of the First and Second Amendment are being infringed upon by Democrats daily. They are only increasing the intensity to see that the government gets to rule and reign over the people.

O’Rourke shared that he only believes that freedom of religion extends to those who he agrees with, and anyone in opposition to his ideologies will be taken down. He stated, “Freedom of religion is a fundamental right, but it should not be used to discriminate.”

It is no wonder why Christians have been so willing and excepting of our current president. President Trump has cleared the way for Christians and other religions to live in freedom. His promises kept from his campaign have shown that he is fighting for the American people and not against them.

The Trump Administration launched a global effort to end the criminalization of homosexuality in places in the world where homosexuals are killed. The mainstream media and Democrats like to ignore this fact and charge on with their mantras about the president’s hateful conduct towards the LGBTQ. I have yet to witness any, but what do I know.

Behar’s comments are honestly not that shocking. Republicans have long known that Democrats can and will lie about their agendas if they want to get elected. The scarier more sinister point is that after Behar’s rant, the audience applauded with cheers.

At this point, the biased mainstream media no longer tries to pretend to report fair, balanced news. The dishonesty level in politics has hit a new level, and it seems to be a very welcomed movement on the Left.
Looking back on the past two Democratic candidates, we see Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” and Obama’s “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

What Joy Behar called out for tyranny while she hides behind the comfort of armed security is exactly why President Trump was elected. The Left calls Trump a brutal dictator but fails to acknowledge the hypocrisy within their ranks.

Lies, slander, and fake news is now what defines the Democratic Party. Those who realize that are the same Americans that have taken a stand and said no more. Joy Behar does not speak for the American people. The empty-minded audience of “The View” does not speak for the American people.

The patriots of this nation decide what we stand for and what we fall for. We stand for truth and justice.

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