Judge Lets Undocumented Immigrant Run Out Back Door

Judge Shelly Joseph is a Massachusetts judge who planned with court officer Wesley Macgregor to aid an undocumented immigrant slip out the back exit of a courthouse to elude arrest by immigration authorities. This immigrant had actually been deported twice before.

Shelly and Wesley were charged for allegedly aiding the immigrant, who had been arrested on charges of drug possession and being a fugitive from justice.

After a plainclothes immigration enforcement agent identified himself to the judge, the man known as A.S. was allowed to run out of a rear entrance at the state courthouse in Newton, Massachusetts.

The plan happened after the suspect’s lawyer had told the judge he thinks the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement official had the wrong person.

After some discussion, the prosecutor agreed that it could be a case of mistaken identity.

“We cannot pick and choose the federal laws we follow, or use our personal views to justify violating the law. Everyone in the justice system — not just judges, but law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and defense counsel — should be held to a higher standard” said United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling.


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