Kanye Releases Album ‘Jesus Is King’, Protests Abortion, and Calls out Democrats

Kanye West released his highly anticipated Gospel album, Jesus is King. The 42-year-old singer has created yet more controversy with his opinions of God, abortion, pornography, and democratic policies.

His ninth studio album dropped months after his very public conversion to Christianity. Back in the day when he was in the beginning stages of his career Kanye had released a similar in Christian style called “Jesus Walks.” However, his new album has a more holistic Christ-centered feel.

The 11 tracks on the new album include:
Every Hour
Follow God
Closed on Sunday
On God
Everything We Need
God Is
Hands On
Use This Gospel
Jesus is Lord

While speculation about the anticipated music track branded Kanye as a possible fake, his lyrics are very much Christian. While time will tell if this famous rapper is genuinely willing to shun modern secularism, his album is gaining a large following from Christians. The whole album echoes the tune of rejecting cultural progressivism and calling for a healthy family unit. He emphasizes family prayer and the importance of successful fatherhood.

Perhaps the most controversial song he produced is “Closed on Sunday” in which he mentions Chick-fil-A. This fast-food chain has been labeled as a corporation that is based on bigotry due to their Christian beliefs. LGBTQ activists across the U.S. and Canada have taken to protesting this chicken product producer. Burger King got in on the action and tweeted “open on Sunday,” which was an apparent dig to the song.

Many in Hollywood have turned their backs on the rapper since he changed his political and religious opinions. One of his critics, show co-host Karlous Miller, tweeted that Kanye “fell off” and thought more people should publicly agree to that. One surprising fellow celebrity who came to his defense was Cardi B. The female rapper known for her vulgar lyrics and wardrobe commented, “Kanye West found God and people call that falling off.”

Kanye has made himself a social pariah in a lot of Hollywood circles. This first started when he dared to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat on several occasions. Last year, he met with the president at the White House, and ever since, he has had loyalty to Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. has come out as a supporter of Kanye’s new album and said, “Leftists always try to silence those who are speaking the truth. They’re waging a war on our family and culture. Kanye is a pioneer.”

Democrats have not been happy with Kanye not backing down from speaking the truth about this political party. Just recently, he claimed that blacks in America are subjected to brainwashing by the Democratic Party. He explained that even though they do not support their beliefs, blacks still vote for Democrats.

“Democrats had us voting for Democrats with food stamps for years. What are you talking about guns in the 80s, taking the fathers out the home, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abort children,” he said.

He went on to show how people in blue states are controlled by the party and do not vote based on anything other than color. Touching on welfare programs, he said how votes were also based on the free things Democrats provided with no expectations of people in return.

When it comes to abortion, Kanye quoted one of the Ten Commandments; Thou shall not kill. Taking data into consideration, it shows a harrowing tale of how 30% of aborted babies are from black mothers, while blacks only make a small 13% of the population.

He said with white people you have differences in political thought and voting records but suggested that with the black community, the majority do not waver from one solid voting bloc. Just taking the facts from the 2016 election, 88% of blacks voted for Hillary Clinton while only a small 8% voted for Donald Trump.

Despite constant smear campaigns from the mainstream media and top Democrats claiming the president is a racist and even a white supremacist, his numbers among black voters are promising. A recent poll showed Trump now has a 15% support among black voters. This means that his support from black voters has almost doubled. The number one killer of black in the country is abortion. Black women are four times more likely to get an abortion than white women are. Almost 80% of abortion clinics are located in minority communities.

In a recent interview, Kanye was asked if he was inadvertently supporting racism through his support of President Trump. He hit back and said, “The most racist thing a person can tell me is that I’m supposed to choose something based on my race.”

Kanye has also come out against the dangers of pornography and hyper-sexualization. When it comes to his oldest daughter North, this dad has changed his views on not allowing her to wear makeup and revealing crop tops.

Kanye attributes the gateway to his pornography addiction to when he was five-years-old, and his dad left out a Playboy magazine. He attributes God changing his life around to his ability to kick the habit. In one of his songs, he discusses that through God, there is freedom from addiction. Even during the making of the Jesus is King album, Kayne asked the people working on it to abstain from premarital sex.

A California pastor, Adam Tyson, had been leading the rapper in Bible studies. He even flew out to West’s locations when he was not able to be in California. Kanye has been having Sunday services where it is mainly focused around praise music. Thousands of people attend from every race and walk of life. At the end of the services, sometimes a pastor gives an invitation for salvation. Some suggest that Kanye’s popularity can reach out to the secular world in a way that can bring the Gospel to more lives.

It seems that Kanye’s new Christian style message has the potential to be a cultural wrecking ball. Is Kanye truly converted and willing to lay aside fame and popularity to follow Biblical principles? Like with most anything, time will tell.

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