Kentucky Now Allows Concealed Carry Without Permit

Kentucky’s permit-free concealed carry law has officially gone into effect. This means Kentuckians can now officially carry their guns without obtaining a permit. The law will allow people to carry a gun inside a pocket or purse if they are 21 and obtained the weapon legally as well as passing the requisite background checks.

Savannah Maddox, the Republican state representative, a sponsor of the bill says, “Law-abiding citizens who are authorized to carry a firearm should not have to ask permission from the government or pay a recurrent fee in order to exercise their Second Amendment right.”

The new law was signed by Gov. Matt Bevin in March and terminated the preceding concealed carry requirements of taking a six-hour gun safety course, a background check along with a $60 application fee.

Those who have felony convictions are still not allowed to own a gun but the new law did get off the excluding those who have been convicted of an alcohol or drug misdemeanors.


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