Mexico Finally Starts Policing Their Side of Border

Mexico is finally responding to the crisis at the border. Mexico and Guatemala are now stepping up efforts to prevent and discourage the flooding of migrants from Central America to the U.S.

Mexico is now claiming to have deployed 791 new immigration agents. They have also promised to send 6,000 National Guard to their southern border. Some soldiers were already visible along the Suchiate River causing some to reconsider crossing.

Abelino Reyes Chavez, is a pedal taxi driver who works at the boat landing in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, is one of those who are now wary of crossing because of the soldiers. “They are waiting for nightfall. They show up around 7. But are we worried the Mexicans crackdown will hurt business? Yes, if they close the border my wages will go down,” he told reporters.

33-year-old Honduran Jose Acosta managed to sneak into America about eight months ago but was detained weeks later in Houston while he was on his way to a job in North Carolina. He is waiting to cross back into the U.S. but now has the additional fear of being stopped by Mexican authorities.

These new measures seem to be working as in the past the Mexican police have never shown interest in stopping migrants on their way to America. Now, not only are Mexican police and soldiers actually visible on borders, but they are now stopping and detaining those without the proper paperwork from crossing.

But Americans are wary, as a former State Department deputy director who asked to remain anonymous states, “There will be a dog and pony show for the media. Trump is looking for numbers and the Mexicans will produce them. I think it will have an impact.”


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