Migrant Families Now Renting Children To Cross Into Border Illegally

It seems migrants have learned that their chance of being allowed to come into the United States is higher if they travel with a child. That is because the current law states that the government cannot hold migrant families in holding facilities longer than 72 hours. The rule states they have to either transfer them to a detention facility that is suitable for children, otherwise they must be released. This is why migrants have been aware that they are less likely to be detained and or deported because the US lacks facilities to accommodate children, as well as accommodate a large number of illegals entering through the borders. Thousands get let go every week.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has only three residential family centers currently, two are in southern Texas and one is in Pennsylvania that can accommodate up to 3,326 parents and children.

According to Fox News, there are children being rented out in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. These children get rented out to cross the dangerous border then sent back so they can repeat the process.

The mayor of El Paso stated, “And in some cases, they’re informing me that we may have – rental children – so to speak. That they’re not necessarily the actual families. That they’re bringing these children in.”


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