Mission BBQ Honors American Soldiers with Million Dollar Donation

Mission BBQ believes in honoring American soldiers with great barbeque and patriotic intentions.

Friends Bill Kraus and Steve Newton opened the first Mission BBQ on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 with the intention of reminding customers what the nation was before the attacks and how grateful we as America citizens should be.

According to their website, “At Mission BBQ, we are proudly serving those who serve.”

Many people do not even understand how serious they are about that commitment. At 12 p.m. every day, every Mission BBQ shuts down their restaurants to observe the national anthem. They also donate money to military organizations and charities. On “Fox & Friends” owners Kraus and Newton presented the USO, with a check for $1,124,808 to help those in uniform and their families.

The company was able to raise the money through the sales of their Mission BBQ’s American Heroes Cups, where every $2 purchase goes to the non-profit.

“USO only has one mission and that’s to serve our military and their families. Mission BBQ allows us to do so much. We have resiliency programs, employment, we have music, art, sports therapy. We’re at all the airports, helping our military around the world.” said USO’s Elaine Rogers.

“[We] love barbecue, but more importantly, we love our country. Just wanted to build a business that had some purpose, some meaning, some significance,” said Kraus.


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