Mitt Romney Continues to Attack Trump and Adopt Democrats’ Agendas

It seems as if Mitt Romney’s constant attacks on President Trump have become somewhat of an obsession. He has become the main face of the Republican resistance against the president.

The question I am raising is why is it that Romney has used his time to focus on criticizing Trump but has wholly ignored the blatant corruption within Washington? Jealousy seems like a safe bet in this case.

Romney failed to do what Trump did, win the presidency. Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election and defeated Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan.

Instead of fighting the Deep State, Democrats’ corruptions, the lying media, and open borders, Romney uses his energy to hyper-focus on the president. This, in turn, undermines his own Party and the millions of Americans who voted Trump in.

The feud between these two powerful men is nothing new; they have had a complicated history for years. During Trump’s presidential campaign, Romney viciously called him a “phony” and a “fraud.”

However, in 2012, when Trump endorsed Romney, the tune was much different. During this time, Romney stated, “It means a great deal to me to have the endorsement of Mr. Trump.” He also relayed that Trump’s understanding of how the economy works was exceptional. When the 2012 election was coming to an end, Trump continued his praise for Romney and called for the American people to vote for him.

During his run for the presidency, Romney faced a competitive primary but ended up winning against top competitors such as Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

Ultimately, Obama was able to secure both the popular vote and the Electoral College. Although Obama received fewer votes than in his previous election, he was able to win over swing states.

After Obama won his second term, Trump tweeted that Romney was a good man, but he failed to connect with the people. During 2014, amid rumors of Romney running again in 2016, Trump said he had his chance but blew it.

Even though Trump thoroughly supported Romney’s presidential run, Romney did not reciprocate. After Trump made the announcement he was running for president, Romney continued to criticize him over his remarks about illegal immigration.

“The negative side is that he’s said some things that he described the other day as being ‘childish,'” Romney said. “I’m afraid he brought attention to [immigration] in a way that was not productive and not appropriate in saying the things he did about Mexican-American immigrants.”

Romney’s pettiness continued and said Trump needed to release his tax returns, and he created conspiracies that Trump was hiding something big. We know now that the president was not hiding anything despite Romney’s fake accusations. The attacks continued on and on. He basically labeled the president a bigot.

Romney did not keep his criticism just to Trump but also went after the American people. “He’s playing the American public for suckers. He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat,” he said.

After Trump’s presidential win, Romney changed his tune and did send his best wishes, to which Trump said was very nice of him.

In 2018, the president endorsed Romney for his U.S. Senate bid and said he thought he would make a great senator.

Well, the niceties did not last long. Romney has been increasing his attacks on the president and is acting almost identical to top Trump-hating Democrats.

One of the biggest scandals currently happening is the impeachment nonsense that the Democrats are using as a last, and I might add pathetic attempt to try and stop Trump from securing victory in 2020. The Utah Senator has jumped on board with the rest of the swamp and called the transcript between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Trump “deeply troubling.” He has said he is undecided about whether to support the impeachment of Trump and will reevaluate the House has reached a decision.

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida tore into Romney for giving credence to the Democrats’ insane impeachment efforts. He continued to say that the #NeverTrump senator has adopted Democrat talking points and assuming the worst of our current president. He also pointed out that Romney, just like most corrupt politicians, spews their opinions before they even review facts.

“He thinks the worst of the president instead of the best before he ever gets all the facts. He also said that Romney is not the sole speaker for the Republican Party and does not speak for all.

Instead of coming to the defense of other Republicans, Moral Mitt seems to like to stay put on his high horse. Below are just a few examples of when he remains silent.

When Republican voters are compared to Nazis… silence. When abortion is wreaking havoc and being pushed… silence. When the media lied and slander innocent people, like Brett Kavanaugh and the Covington High School kids… silence. When classified information is unrightfully leaked by the deep state… silence.

Where is his criticism of politicians trying to turn America into a socialist nation such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders? It is clear he is letting his distaste in Trump become the center point of his life at this point. If he had real character and morality, he would not limit his energy to fighting against a single person, who is doing so much for the American people.

He said that a president should embody the necessary qualities of honesty and integrity. He says this while be dishonest and lacking an enormous amount of integrity. Romney said, “The world needs American leadership, and it is in America’s interest to provide it. He went on to suggest that Trump has created an America “with less prosperity, less freedom, and less peace.”

Seeing as the president runs on his main platform of American leadership and has created a more economically prosperous country while fighting for the people’s freedoms, Romney’s comments could be called delusional.

With the 2020 presidential elections swiftly approaching, some top Republican politicians have decided that their pride and envies are more important than creating a successful unified country.

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