Mitt Romney’s Animosity Towards Trump Makes Him a Lone Wolf in the Republican Party

Mitt Romney met with constituents this October and bought up once again the subject of President Trump. Romney’s new claim to fame has been the ever-increasing vocalization of his distaste for the president.

During a stent in his home state of Utah, he asked during a town hall event, “How many of you in the room think I’m being too tough on the president?” Approximately half of the people in the audience raised their hands. “And how many think I’m not being tough enough?” The other half raised their hands this time.

Trump has been embroiled in a targeted impeachment attack over his phone call, discussing Joe Biden’s son’s shady business dealings with Ukraine. Romney called his move “wrong and appalling.” However, at this point, he has stated he has not decided on the issue of impeachment as of currently. He said he is trying to keep an open mind in the situation. It remains to be seen if bias will get in the way of his decision ultimately.

Romney was just one of three GOP senators who did not add their names in support of a resolution to condemn the impeachment inquiry by the House. Lindsey Graham spearheaded this resolution. The other two members were Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who did not take part in the support for the condemnation.

For impeachment to take place, the House would have to have to adopt articles of impeachment against Trump. This would then send the vote to the Republican-controlled Senate. The Senate would have to reach a two-thirds agreement to make remove a presidential conviction a reality. If all Democrats voted against him, it would take 20 of the 53 Republicans to turn their backs on Trump.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced that there would be a decision taking place at the end of October, where the House will vote. It appears that Romney will soon have the chance to vote on his support or lack thereof on the issue of impeachment.

One of the most recent criticisms the Utah senator engaged in was regarding Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Northern Syria. He said the decision was a betrayal and that a humanitarian disaster would be inevitable.

To Romney’s harsh comments, this had the president fighting back, saying that Romney is basically a tool of the Democratic Party. Donald Trump Jr. has also had a few words for the senator. His upcoming book is entitled Triggered, which discusses how the Left gains enjoyment from hate and encourages them to want to silence those who disagree with their agendas. He has urged supporters to send copies to Top Democrats and Mitt Romney in order to “educate them” on the movement to undermine the president, who is subsequently his father. The only Republican who is mentioned in this is Romney.

Donald Trump Jr. stated in regards to this, “I wish he would have fought as hard for conservative values when he had his chance at the presidency than he has defended the liberals during someone else’s.”

The famous phrase ‘no man is an island’ is not one that would adequately fit the Utah Senator. In terms of top Republican politicians, Mitt Romney is certainly one man who is an island. Other top Republicans have indeed had qualms with Trump, making Romney not a complete loner is the mission. The majority of other Senators had refused to talk openly about impeachment when reporters pressed them.

While he is quite popular in Utah, many GOP voters in this state have shown disappointment at the constant ant-Trump rhetoric. This region is heavily Republican, and mainly Mormon, which is the religion Romney adheres to. In a recent poll, it showed that 51 percent of people disapproved of the job Romney has obtained as a Senator. Another survey by the same firm gave similar results when asked about the job Trump is doing as president. The results showed that 53 percent disapproved of this.

Overall, Romney and his hyper-focused distaste of him while disregarding other significant issues do make him a minority. Other Republicans have chosen to either get on board with the MAGA regime or stay in the shadows if they have objections to such. Despite many efforts, he has not prompted colleagues to follow him. It seems as though he has taken himself to no man’s land without any followers willing to make the journey.

It seems rather sad that Romney’s current claim to fame is being Trump’s most prominent Republican critic, who makes it appear that his jealousy and ego are more important to him than the best interest of the American people. Senator Marco Rubio gave his perspective of why he thinks Trump so vehemently fights back against Romney’s betrayal.

“Trump can’t afford to have a lot of Mitt Romneys in the Senate, so he’s going to push back very hard on the one that’s there right now in the hope of discouraging his colleagues from joining him.”

Many Republicans have urged the president to stop responding and giving attention to the senator. Despite this, the feud between the two continues on and only seems to intensify.

In recent weeks, the senator has continued to display acts of rebellion. Just recently, it was confirmed that this “Never Trumper” used a secret Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto. He even used this secret identity to praise his own performance in the Senate. His outing occurred when a cyber-savvy blogger made the find.

Through this anonymous identity, he used the social media platform very maturely to bash Trump. And by maturely, I mean one of the most immature ways one grown man, especially in power, could have chosen to say mean things about his rival.

Romney’s father had a failed presidential bid, which has led some to believe his hostility could be an act to try and vindicate this by getting into the Oval office himself. Could these constant attacks somehow be an effort to take out Trump of the next election and become the president in return? There are many theories, but one thing is clear. Romney does not like Trump and will probably continue to alienate himself from the majority of the Republican Party.

Mitt, Mitt, Mitt… If you want to be an egomaniac obstructionist, go to town, but don’t take down the rest of the American peoples’ success while you are at it.

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