Mothers for Life Network Tries to Help Families with Radicalized Children

The reemergence of ISIS leader Abu-Bakr Al Baghdadi has brought renewed pain for the parents of children who ran off with ISIS. Especially, Christianne Boudreau.

Christianne Boudreau’s 21-year-old son died when he left Canada to join ISIS. She said her faith is the reason she has been able to overcome heartache.

“I still have some of those difficult days, trust me if never goes away–especially wondering what those last moments were, not being there as a parent trying to protect them, save them, feeling so helpless…For so long, no matter how much I begged him to come home, it was absolutely devastating and nowhere to turn. Who could understand what I was going through without the name calling and all the negative comments and understanding what pain our family was in?” , questioned Boudreau.

When asked if she beat herself up for not being able to spot the signs

“I think every parent does. We all question ourselves. It’s the first thing we do is we go within ourselves. And the guilt you carry is overwhelming,” she stated.

Boudreau is in charge of an organization called the Mothers for Life Network. The group helps people overcome loss and grief as well as raise awareness about how to prevent family members from becoming radicalized.


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