Nassau County Find’s 11th Victim of MS-13 Gang

Nassau County has officially found it’s 11th victim of the MS-13 gang. Long Island cops are investigating another MS-13 gang slaying after finding a decomposed body in a popular nature park.

The victim was killed in 2016 after being lured there by the gang. This is the notorious MS-13 gang who are known for their brutality which has lead to law enforcement being on alert for them.

Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said, “This war if you will that took place in ’16 and ’17, we recovered close to 11 victims, all, most buried in shallow graves throughout Nassau County.”

Homicide detectives did, however, say they know the identities of the last known victim as well as their killer. No names were released and no arrests have been announced as of yet.

The body was discovered after an investigation lead to the arrest of four MS-13 members who are accused of killing a 19-year-old by hacking him to death after being lured onto the Massapequa Preserve.

His body was discovered a short distance where cops made the most recent discovery of the decomposed body.


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