Navy Seal Rejected by Fire Department for being 6 Months Too “Old”

Shaun Donovan a decorated Navy Seal had been rejected from the FDNY because he was 6 months too old. But he has received offers from more than a dozen fire departments nationwide.

Shaun Donovan scored in the top 1 percent in the FDNY entry exam and passed the physical. But it wasn’t until the application started the FDNY realized he was just over 35, the maximum age allowed for those who served in the military to join the FDNY.

Greg Pixley, the Denver Fire Department’s head recruiter stated that, “We believe that if someone has the physical and mental prowess to perform the job, they should be given the respect and the opportunity to be a firefighter,” and that they would gladly hire him as the Denver Fire Department does not have an upper age limit.

Even the San Francisco Fire Department offered him a job. According to spokesman Jonathan Baxter, “We’ve had individuals in their 50s go through our fire academy, which is very extensive and difficult, both physically and mentally.”

Donovan served four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan winning medals for valor. Even those the Department of Citywide Administrative Services knew his age they let him take a make-up firefighter exam since he was assigned to active duty months earlier.

Donovan appealed the FDNY disqualification to the city’s City Service Commission.


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