North Korea and Russia Meet for First Time

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin met for a lavish dinner after talks in the Russian city of Vladivostok.

This meeting happened after talks with Trump fell through in Hanoi. The main issues the US-North Korea talks were supposed to be about Pyongyang’s nuclear program. But this summit seemed to be more about friendship than business.

Before its collapse, the Soviet Union was a major ally to North Korea. It offered economic change, cultural exchange, as well as much needed aid. In fact, it could be said that the Soviet Union gave North Korea it’s nuclear wings.

Of course, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the relationship has stalled as both started to have ideological differences.

But now both seem to want a clean slate. It was said that the meeting went well and that North Korea wants assurances from the U.S.


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