Old Guard Soldier Shows Tremendous Restraint as Thunderstorm Hits

An “Old Guard” soldier is being praised after he was photographed placing an American flag at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during a severe thunderstorm.

The storm hit as members of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment were planting flags at each grave at the cemetery as they do every year around this time.

According to the Old Guard’s Facebook page,

“During the storm, one of the most extraordinary displays of discipline and dedication to duty ever to be witnessed at Arlington National Cemetery was taking place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier With only a few watching from cover, a Tomb Sentinel approached the Unknowns with U.S. flags in hand. As thunder shook the ground and rains washed down without abandon, the Tomb Sentinel pierced through the elements with breath-taking precision. He knelt and placed the flags in honor of the Unknowns. For the select few who saw this moment, it was jaw-dropping. Humans have their limits, but The Old Guard has yet to meet theirs.”


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