Oldest Medal of Honor Recipient Passes Away

Robert Maxwell was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. In World War II, at 24, he selflessly threw himself on a German hand grenade and saved the lives of a battalion commander and several others. He passed away in Bend, Oregon at 98.

His death was announced Monday by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. He was the oldest living recipient of America’s highest military honor.

According to his friend Dick Tobiason, “He smiled whenever he talked about veterans, the flag, country, and patriotism. He loved being an American.”

Robert Maxwell was a 24-year-old communication platoon lineman. His act had left him with permanent injuries.

“I could hear it fall right near my feet, I didn’t know for sure where it was. This was between 1 and 2 in the morning. I groped to find it and throw it back, but I knew it was too late to do that. I was already crouched down, but I did have my blanket, shoved it down on my chest and dropped where I was.” He once told a local news station.


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