Pelosi: There Will Be No Impeachment Vote… Yet

The Trump-Ukraine saga continues with Democrats getting closer and closer to their proposed impeachment vote. It appears that the Democrats have hit a bit of a speedbump. However, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing on Tuesday that “at this time,” there will be no formal floor vote on impeachment.

While on its surface, this announcement from Pelosi may seem unremarkable, it has many important implications. The most notable of which is that the Democrats don’t have any evidence.

No Proof

If the Democrats had anything on Trump, impeachment would already be underway. After Trump released the transcript of his conversation with the president of Ukraine, it was immediately apparent he had done nothing wrong. This was especially emphasized by Ukraine’s admittance to not even knowing foreign aid was being withheld. Because of this, any quid pro quo argument is absolutely ridiculous.

That, coupled with the fact that Adam Schiff had coordinated with the whistleblower (and then lied about it), makes this whole “controversy” a laughing stock.

During Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, the political commentator spoke out on Pelosi’s statements saying. “I told you there wasn’t going to be one. I’ve been saying form the get-go that she would not commit them to a formal impeachment process. It isn’t gonna happen.” Limbaugh went on to explain that this shows all this nonsense is obviously a charade. House Democrats are merely trying to make it seem as though there’s something there when there really isn’t.

Although the evidence is overwhelmingly in Trump’s favor, Democrats will continue to beat this dead horse. Why? Because they’re running out of options.

They’re Stalling

The message Pelosi is sending with this announcement is that despite the lack of proof, they are going to find something by any means necessary. Don’t be surprised if more bogus allegations come out in the following weeks that appear to be similarly lacking in evidence.

Legal experts are concerned that not having an impeachment vote allows Democratic investigators to undergo an informal process. Such an investigation would deny Trump’s right to due process.

Closed-door investigations are entirely lacking in transparency. Without any oversight into how these politicians conduct their inquiry into the president’s affairs, there’s not telling what corrupt tactics they could be using.

In a tweet, Mitch McConnel called out the Democrats for their shady tactics. “Already, House Democrats’ impeachment ‘inquiry’ is violating norms and precedent. They are denying Republicans and President Trump the same rights that Democrats and President Clinton received during those impeachment proceedings.”

Impeachment of the POTUS is perhaps the most severe action that the House of Representatives can take. Because of the lack of evidence, there really shouldn’t be any investigation. But if the Democrats are this insistent, any such inquiry needs to be open, honest, and legal. Trump deserves due process just as much as any other citizen of this country.

Maybe more importantly, when the dust settles, and no evidence against Trump is found, it will be nice to see the long list of politicians who were responsible for such partisan hackery.

Weak Candidates

In recent weeks, it has become crystal clear that the Democratic nominee is going to be weak. Catering to the far left has weakened the mainstream appeal of frontrunners like Warren and Biden. Due to Bernie’s recent health concerns, he’s likely no longer a threat for the nomination.

At the LGBTQ+ Town Hall, candidates showed an enthusiastic willingness to alienate large portions of the voting base in favor of a community that roughly makes up 1% of the population. (and the views of many LGBT individuals are not represented by the left).

The most prominent example of this was when a mother trotted out her 9-year old daughter as transgender to the applause and approval of everyone present.

When the majority of your candidates want to destroy churches, allow abortion until birth, and totally reject free-market entrepreneurialism. All in favor of tyrannical government-empowered socialism, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Polling data and common sense tell us that come 2020; the Democrats don’t stand a chance. Their last hope of some sort of victory is an impeachment of Trump.

They Better Find Something

What is becoming abundantly clear is the Democrat’s desperation. If they don’t find some sort of impeachable offense by Donald Trump, they are doomed. Public opinion of the party will likely plummet, as this will look like another unfounded attack of the president.

While there were many more detractors of Trump at first, many have switched to his side over the last three years. This is because the Democrats, the media, and other leftist organizations can’t help but prove their own biases.

A great example of the media’s biased, untruthful coverage

The Russian scandal amounted to absolutely nothing. Constant negative coverage of Trump is clearly made up of BS arguments (in most cases), and now this Ukrainian business is more of the same. The American people can only see so many of these political attacks on the president before seeing the truth. There are no unbiased media anymore. The far left has taken over the Democratic party.

Trump Will Win Again

In all likelihood, Trump will win re-election. The Democrats have made to many mistakes, focusing their attention on slandering the president rather than cleaning their own house of far-leftist/neo-Marxist ideology.

Another four years of Trump may force the left to re-evaluate their positions. Instead of that the Beto O’Rourkes and Bernie Sanders, we’ll start to see more Andrew Yangs and Tulsi Gabbards. Sure, these candidates’ policies don’t quite align with Conservative values. Although they are much more reasonable, principled, coalition builders — especially when compared to the front runners of the left.

But until any such day that the left might return to some form of normalcy, they will do whatever it takes to demonize the right. Trump has handled the constant attacks better than perhaps any other Republican President could have. That’s how he’s making America great again.

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