Pete Buttigieg: Bad News for Conservative Christians

Democratic hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, took the nation by storm, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. His youthful appearance and polished delivery has unseated Beto O’Rourke as the hippest democratic candidate. Essentially, O’Rourke and Buttigieg are nearly identical, however, the way to tell them apart is one is gay and the other skateboards.

Now that O’Rourke has taken a backseat it’s time to focus our attention on Buttigieg and what this means for conservatives.

Unlike all of the other candidates, Buttigieg holds a unique threat to Christians who hold biblical values (as if there is another type of Christian). The danger lies in Buttigieg’s profession of his Christian faith. Up until now, we’ve lived through minor social skirmishes attacking conservative Christians. If Buttigieg wins, those who hold Biblical values are going to be fighting on many fronts.

Pete Buttigieg would fall into a heretical sect of Christianity called Progressive Christianity. Progressive Christianity, in a nutshell, is a liberal form of the faith which would fall into a far-left category on all social issues. Many, of the values progressive Christians believe contradict the Bible, which leaves traditional Christians hesitant to affirm their beliefs.

Take for example the whole dilemma that erupted around the Christian baker, Jack Phillips. If Buttigieg were president during this case he would indoctrinate the nation with his progressive faith. He would shame Jack Phillips for standing by his Biblical convictions and would applaud the gay couple who demanded the cake. Not only that, he would go further and most likely claim it would be the Christian thing to do to bake the cake.

Formerly, presidential candidates shied away from religious matters. However, in the short time Buttugieg’s been in the spotlight he’s ran toward these social issues. He’s like a liberal version of Mike Pence.

We have a nation that is growing more hostile toward Biblical values. In most part, many liberals wouldn’t care to pick up the Holy Scriptures. The concerning part is liberals are going to open their ears to Buttiegieg’s preaching.

When Buttigieg tells the masses that the God of the Bible affirms gay marriage, they will take it as Gospel. The nation will come to see Christianity in a progressive light. If this happens it will put traditional Christians in a bind. Take for example this quote of his,

“I’m not critical of his faith ; I’m critical of bad policies, I don’t have a problem with religion — I’m religious too. I have a problem with religion being used as a justification to harm people and especially in the LGBTQ community.”

No longer will the notion of being a Christian be enough to disapprove of gay marriage or abortion. The idea will be planted that real Christians should approve of gay marriage and the Christlike thing would be to support the LGBTQ community. The nation will say, “Pete Buttigieg is a Christian and he approves of gay marriage and abortion”.

Pete Buttigieg has the power to apply pressure on those who hold Biblical values like no other candidate. On multiple occasions he has spoken of his faith and has even made the claim that God gave him his husband, Chasten. Here’s what he said on the matter,

“My marriage to Chasten has made me a better man. And yes, Mr. Vice President, it has moved me closer to God, that’s the thing I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand: That if you have a problem with who I am, your quarrel is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”

It’s claims like this that will war against conservative values. With a stage like Buttigieg’s, the progressive Christian movement will have an uncanny ability to grow unchallenged.

Unfortunately, many in our nation are Bible illiterate. What this means is that whatever Buttigieg preaches from the Scriptures will be absorbed as truth, this is truly worrisome. America, in theory, is a Christian nation but this notion is being constantly challenged.

As far as how he measures up to other democratic hopefuls Buttigieg is doing well. He’s growing in popularity, mainly due to his strong push on social issues. We’ll see more of him in due time.

The question is, how far will he go?

Assuming he gains more and more support from the LGQBT community he has an advantage. Pete does have an uphill battle; with Joe Biden as the forerunner, he has his work cut out for him. Although Buttigieg is strong on in the social arena he will have to brush up on his economical arguments. Bernie Sanders will bring the heat on his policies and Buttiege might not survive.

If Democrats care more for social issues that will be Bettigieg’s ticket.

All this being said even if Buttiege wins the election he’s going to have a hard time going toe to toe with Trump. Mayor Pete does not have the same stature and composure as President Trump. Pete Buttiege does play the meek role well, but it’s difficult to tell what exactly hides behind his persona.

However, if Buttigieg goes far into the election or even worse is elected, being a Bible believing Christian will become more difficult. We think the culture is hostile now…

What will happen if we had a president who endorses transwomen reading to kindergartners? What would it be like if we had a president who approved of men who identify as a woman to compete in women’s competitions?

Furthermore and most crucial; what if we had a president who indoctrinated a nation with progressive Christianity?

We would have a people group who would rally around a heretical interpretation of the Bible and use it as a weapon. We’ll have an ignorant nation who will believe in a false Gospel, driving them further away from the truth.

Only time will tell how the tides will turn and who we’ll be elected as the democratic candidate. Our nation is growing more and more concerned with social issues and if that’s the case this will set the stage for Buttiege to steal the vote.

We already have a nation that calls evil good, and good, evil. But woe the nation that uses the Bible to defend their evil.

– Will Vining

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