Planned Parenthood Invading 50 California Schools

As if teenagers didn’t have enough to worry about, Los Angeles county has fast-tracked the addition of “Reproductive Health Services” to 50 high schools locally.

The new program aimed to serve “at-risk” youth in Los Angeles County has already received $10 million from their officials., and will get another $6 million from Planned Parenthood over the next 3 years.

The program claims not to provide abortions (yet), but offers birth control, STD testing and treatment, and pregnancy counseling for about 75,000 teens in the area.

By law, the parents of teens in California aren’t notified when their child becomes pregnant or utilizes any other public services related to pre-marital sex.

As with all recent progressive movements, this starts in L.A. but ends in our neighborhoods, and we must remain vigilant. I hope to God almighty that we can spread His love and compassion enough to blockade our beautiful country from a frightful demise. Thanks again for your support of Patriots of the Lord.

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