Planned Parenthoods True Motives

Planned parenthood is always putting up the fight that they are so much more than an abortion center, but they never show facts to prove their words right. They always push the argument that it’s a healthcare organization, but when the facts come out, that seems to be their pitty work.

Planned parenthood say’s that abortion is only 3 % of their business services, yet they perform a third of the world’s abortions. Nearly 300,000 abortions a year, making that actually 97% of its services.

They hired a president for planned parenthood after the last retired after 12 years. Leana Wen was just president for a little over 7months before they fired her, but why would they let her go so quick? Apparently, because she focused more on the aspect of health care than abortions, and that made them not too happy.

For almost half a century they didn’t have a physician with “Dr.” before her name. Now they did, one who was also a former health commissioner of Baltimore. She stated she wanted to focus on non-abortion health care. After she said that, she immediately tweeted that the “core mission was to provide, protect, and expand the access to abortion and women’s health care.”

It turns out Wen was not devoted enough to abortions, once her Planned parenthood’s mask slipped, she was and let go.

Once she was let go, they doubled down on getting the funding for X (abortions), Rather than keeping with the new Trump administration rule. Making it clear what the real priority for planned parenthood is.


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