Airport Staffer Reunites Girl With Doll Given to Her By Soldier Father

Airport staffer Dina Morley was surprised to find military inspired doll that held a photo in place of where the doll’s face would be. The picture was that of a young girl, and obviously an American soldier. Dina Morley knew the doll had to mean something to a young girl.

So when the doll came into her possession, she knew she had to do everything to get it back to the rightful owner. At first, she kept it in the valet hoping someone would maybe call for it. But with no luck, she got the help of her friend Heather Parsons, and together they took to Facebook and contacted KMBC, the local news outlet hoping they would spread the word about the toy. After KMBC shared the doll’s picture on facebook and was shared over 5,000 times racking up 100’s of likes the owner of the doll was soon identified.

Katherine Whipple is the name of the six-year-old who owned the doll. Her mother, Army Capt. Eileen Whipple was afraid the doll had been lost forever. They had lost it sometime before the family boarded a 6a.m flight the previous week. The man on the photo is her father an Army Major stationed at Fort Leavenworth.

“My daddy doll,” is what Katherine called it when she received her doll back thanks to the kindness of two strangers.


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