Private Group That Raised $22 Million to Build a Part Of the Border Ordered to Stop

The “We Build The Wall” group that raised almost $22 million to build a part of the border wall in New Mexico has been given an order to stop the process by the mayor of Sunland Park.

The organization started as a GoFundMe fundraiser after President Trump was receiving backlash from Congress when he tried proposed a $5 billion to repair and construct new parts of the border. The group’s original goal was $1 billion of which they managed to receive $22 million, only because according to Brian Kolfage, the group’s leader, that is the highest amount GoFundMe will allow.

It was determined that the group did not have the proper permits for construction according to city spokesperson Peter Ibardo.

Kris Kobach is the former Kansas Secretary of State, he asserts that the group obtained all the proper permits and that inspectors were there when they started.

It is now up to the courts to resolve this issue.


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