Romanian Immigrant Farmers Convicted of Gang Rape of Teenager

Five men have been convicted after they were on film laughing as they took turns raping a teenager. They met their victim at Havana nightclub in St Helier, Jersey before they attacked her on the back seat of a car. The teen left the club with Marius Dobrin 24 as shortly after he and his friends Dorel Stefanita Diaconu, 23, Florin Ionut Calin, 20, Alexandru Dobrin, 18, and Oprea Stefanita Dobre, 18 raped her as she feared being “murdered.”

These men were all immigrants to the island they worked on. They all received 10 years for the rape and Crown Advocate Simon Thomas made the recommendation that they all be deported. Their lawyers tried to defend the men saying they had strong work ethic, were apologetic, and that some of them were too young to be in prison that long.

They are to remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for a total of 12 years.


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