Sacramento Faith Organization, B’Nai Israel, Planning on Sheltering Immigrants Amid Raid Threats

As the mass round up of 2,000 migrants in 10 cities across the U.S. has been delayed, immigration and faith leaders are scrambling to protect undocumented aliens.

Faith leaders at Congregation B’Nai Israel in Sacramento are preparing to provide refuge to people that need it. Alan Steinberg stated, “It’s reinvigorated our community to be ahead and ready to react and ready to provide safe refuge to people that need it.”

Fatima Diaz an undocumented immigrant, DACA recipient, and Sacramento State Senior stated, “It’s not a great way to go about your life. It’s a constant anxiety.”

Sacramento Act is a local faith-based organization, says they’ve been barraged with phone calls of concerns and have been handing out hotline cards in case ICE comes looking.

“We have a rapid response hotline, in case someone is in the presence of ICE, or if a loved one has been detained,” stated Diana Campos with Sacramento Act.

Alan Steinberg, former President at Congregation B’Nai Israel stated, “We stand ready to house them in our congregation.”

In fact, leaders at Congregation B’Nai Israel are getting together resources to protect the community. They will shelter people after going through a vetting process. If ICE attempts to raid a house of worship, Steinberg states, “..we will assert every legal right we have to protect our guests.”

If there is an ICE raid, the Sacramento County Sheriffs Office says they will not be participating nor do they even anticipate sharing any offender information with ICE.


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