School Fires Teacher Who Refuses To Watch Transgender Student Change

A female student at Pasco County School District in Florida who identifies as a male and tended to use the male locker room without warning. Often the student would walk in on other male students undressing. Instead of making the student use a separate bathroom, they told the gym coach to watch over the girl when she uses the gym’s locker rooms.

The coach refused the orders. His reasoning behind this was because he wanted to avoid all situations where he would have to possibly be in the same room as a nude female student. Instead of understanding the teacher’s concerns, the school chose to fire him.

An administrator at first threatened to put the coach on administrative leave. The email also stated that refusing the supervise the female student would “not be tolerated,” according to attorney Richard Mast.

Although teachers cannot speak about what is going on due to a gag order, the school may have reacted the way it did because they are implementing new policies for transgender students — these new policies including things such as keeping the fact that the student feels transgender from their parents.


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