School Shooting Survivor Support’s Teachers With Guns Questions Gun Control

Kyle Kashuv was a student who survived the shooting at Stoneman Douglass High. While many students went on to join March for our Lives, which promoted gun control, Kashuv went to Washington to help change the way people look at weapons.

Kyle Kashuv spoke at the NRA convention.

While most of the Stoneman Douglass High survivors went to the Democrats for support gun control, Kashuv when right.

“Why is it that every time there’s a shooting by some crazy gunman do we turn and disarm law-abiding citizens?” asked Kashuv. “Gun control only disarms law abiding citizens. Gun control never disarms criminals.”

“Gun control is not only ineffective, it’s entirely dangerous,” said Kashuv.

“Why is it that after every single school shooting we seek to raise the age [to purchase firearms] from 18 to 21?” asked Kashuv.

“Why are we making it so that a single mother, who’s 20 with two kids, shouldn’t be able to defend her children,” he stated.

Kashuv also wants teachers armed.


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