Seven Illegal Aliens Sue Department of Homeland Security. Claims They Were Treated Inhumanly

As the crisis along the southern border continues to overwhelm our government, seven illegal aliens are now suing the Department of Homeland Security because of claims of overcrowding and access to legal representation.

The illegal aliens want themselves and others in the facilities to be released on bond.

“Petitioners were apprehended in mid-May at or near the U.S. Border with Mexico and subsequently detained. Once apprehended, such persons are often detained for extended periods of time — on information and belief, up to six weeks — in overcrowded holding cells, with inadequate food, water, and sanitation facilities, where attorneys are not allowed to visit. The conditions in these holding cells are dangerous and inhumane,” according to the lawsuit.

The number of illegal aliens is now overwhelming Border Patrol to the point where they cannot detain or hold any more illegal migrants. They have to now let them go and wait to see an American immigration judge. They come to the border illegally because they know it is a “catch and release” system. Border Patrol is so overwhelmed agents have to leave their post to facilitate the process of those who illegally walked across the border.

The lawsuit claims the seven illegals were held in a Brownsville, Texas facility for longer than five days and treated in inhumane conditions. As most facilities are meant to be short-term processing and holding centers, they don’t have showers, beds, or enough bathroom facilities. The migrants claim they were fed one sandwich a day, and that some have been detained longer than 40 days.

The attorneys for the case are asking for a federal judge to place an injunction against Border Patrol. If a judge were to agree, Border Patrol would have to release anyone who has been held for more than 72 hours.

This is an effect of border crisis down south. The number of detainees has been getting higher with new records being set every month.


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