Students Flabbergasted At ‘White Nationalist’ Statement From Obama

In today’s news, the main issue is ‘Racism” and the morality of people’s words and actions. A lot of people find Donald Trump to be racist and harsh when it comes to statements that he makes. But if you heard reports from former presidents and politicians, you might think the same thing about them.

Campus Reform’s C.Phillips went around the school interview students with a quote stated by Obama, but he kept that part secret. He asked them their thoughts on the quote, and to no surprise, they all bashed President Trump. When he revealed who made that statement, all the student were shocked and at a loss for words.

Also, the democrats posted pictures of kids in cages and were stating how inhumane the conditions were, yet they failed to see that the photo was taken in 2014 when Obama was the President. After proof came out that this photo was taken before Trump’s term, they, of course, took the photo down right away.

Also, most don’t know that Obama deported a lot more people in his term than Donald Trump has now. Of course, many people still try to defend him. They say he did things better, but how is that when these pictures were taken during his term, and he deported more people then Trump has? Meaning there were more people in these holding facilities then there is now, and people are saying it’s overcrowded and an unfit living situation.

Why wasn’t this an issue when Obama was in office? Is it because Trump is White, or because he actually speaks his mind and STANDS UP FOR WHAT HE BELIEVES IN. Rather than beating around the bush and caring about what people ‘want to hear’ like our former President. America is Strong, not weak, and we need that to stay in office.


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