The Democratic Debate Summation: Open Borders, Take Away Guns, Embrace Socialism

On Thursday night ten Democratic presidential candidates took the stage, and it quickly turned into a platform for slewing personal attacks. During the third Democratic primary debate, the absolute absurdity that occurred was just a continuation of the insane policy agendas that were initiated in the previous debates.

In his opening statement, Andrew Yang decided to announce onstage that he will be giving away $12,000 to 10 different people. I guess if you are running below in the polls, bribery is the way to go. “My campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 American families,” Yang stated.

Yang has been a proponent of a universal basic income policy (UBI), labeled the “Freedom Dividend,” which would hand out every U.S. citizen 18 and older a monthly amount of $1,000. There is no stipulation on how this money could or should be used.

While Yang suggests that this money would give Americans the ability to pay bills, afford education, or start a business, the reality is that since there are no determinants on how the money can be spent, it could go to anything. It could help fuel someone’s drug habit or a number of other unhelpful and detrimental things. Fellow money-hungry redistributor Bernie Sanders is also a proponent of UBI.

Where is this money going to come from anyway? Yang claims that the UBI money would be accessed from technology or oil. Also, when Yang states that this contrived $1,000 would be given to every American over 18, he must not certainly mean millionaires. According to most of the left, rich people are evil and greedy. Well, not themselves of course.

Bernie Sanders can have three mansions and drive nice cars, all wall stunting for socialism. Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats can lecture us about how having a border wall, and immigration policies are evil, all while their fancy security gates are surrounding their homes. They also continuously want to take our rights of protections away by taking our guns, but they would never consider going anywhere in public without armed security.

While all the candidates had extreme radical policies, they did not stop the infighting and criticism of each other. Biden criticized Warren saying she did not have any plans on how her health care plan would be paid for. Buttigieg also got in on the action and called out Warren and Sanders, who are both doing well in the polls, for their healthcare plans and their socialistic type of outlooks.

Castro took a shot at Biden’s memory and said to the former vice president, “Are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago?”

Of course, no debate would be complete without the slandering of our country’s current president. The candidates were not shy about their criticism of President Trump and aggressively came after him.

Castro all but claimed that Trump was responsible for white supremacy and that it is continually increasing under his presidency. Harris also accused Trump of having blood on his hands and said, “Obviously [Trump] didn’t pull the trigger, but he certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.” O’Rourke noted that one of the recent mass shootings was a consequence of the current presidency. Castro full out said that the shooter was inspired by President Trump to kill people who looked like him and the president is the inspiration for killings of Hispanics. These sickening and untrue accusations are swept under the rug time and time again.

The debate would not be complete without the race card being played over and over again by the left. When anchor Jorge Ramos asked if people who are supporters of the president and his immigration policies are racist, Buttigieg did not give a vague answer. He said anyone who supports Trump and immigration reform is, in turn, supporting racism.

O’Rourke once again made it clear that if he becomes elected president that “we are going to take away your AR-15, your AK-47.” This is not about debatable gun control anymore; he is demanding full-blown confiscation. O’Rourke plans to get banks and credit card companies on board to stifle gun purchases. He said banks and credit companies have to refuse the sale of assault weapons and need to halt business with gun and ammo producers who sell assault weapons.

Kamala Harris was very upset about what was not addressed during the debate, the murdering of unborn babies to be more specific. No questions about abortion or reproductive rights were offered which did not sit well with this senator.

Extremism is now the face of the Democratic Party. Not too long ago, socialism was a foreign concept that was rarely embraced by many Americans. Now, the younger generations have embraced this concept with passion. Young freshman congresswomen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a said example of the possible future of our country. She has now basically become the face of socialism along with Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are now eating each other from within. They all ultimately want the same thing, which is to defeat Trump by any means necessary. Instead of working together with their radical progressive extremist views, they are at the point where the infighting is becoming the central theme of this presidential race. Democratic voters are at the point where they must decide to embrace extremism or opt-out for sanity.

After the insanity of this last debate, it seems reasonable to say that the real winner was ultimately Donald Trump. The Democratic candidates have their polices, and heartstring plays down, but they lack the ability to unify the American people. President Trump dominated the 2016 campaign and has done something that almost no other president has accomplished. He has followed through on his promises.

Calling Trump and his supporters racist, xenophobic, and bigots at every turn are certainly more of a turn off than a turn on at this point. There smearing attacks have been overplayed, and the Democratic candidates have now made slander their main objective rather than stunting for the American people.

The pure electricity of the Trump movement is something the left is drastically missing.

The extremism of the democratic party has seen a radical rise in recent years. The question now is, will the American people wake up to this before it is too late?

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