The Memorial Cross In Maryland Stays Following the US Supreme Court Hearing

The US Supreme Court has made a significant ruling in American life Thursday in regards to the use of religious symbols. The fight against American Humanists Association, atheists and agnostics based in Washington, DC, challenged the cross. They wanted the cross to be relocated to private property or changed into a non-religious monument. They argued that the cross is unconstitutional because it places the permission of the state on an overtly separatist symbol, the cross.

The supporters of the memorial included the American Legion, the Trump administration along with Maryland officials who have been placed responsible for preserving it and dealing with safety concerns for the past 60 years.

The Supreme Court concluded it’s decision with seven to two including- (Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan of the courts’ liberal justices, both of whom are Jewish) ruled in favor of the Bladensburg cross. Otherwise known “the Peace Cross” that has stood there since 1925 to preserve the memories of the 49 veterans who fought for our freedom is to remain on the highway median and that it does not violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause. The Court also noted that the U.S. used it in military honors, such as Navy Cross in 1919 and The Distinguished Service Cross in 1918.

One of the Maryland Veterans Commission Mike Moore had said that it’s very gratifying to him that “the Supreme Court has come to grips with reality and sensibility.” Supporters of the memorial were concerned that if the Court ruled against the cross that it could later lead to a ruling against numerous war memorials where crosses are used to honor fallen soldiers.The opposing party added, “As I see it when a cross is displayed on public property, the government may be presumed to endorse its religious content.”

The Lemon vs. Kurtzman case in 1971 has been used to negatively attack nativity scenes, menorahs, veterans memorials, and Ten Commandments monuments. We’re now going back to the Constitution which is favorable to religious freedom; this is one massive step for American religion rights. They will no longer be able to appoint the First Amendment as a hostile bludgeon toward people of faith and their publicly exposed expressions of their beliefs. It has also put an end to the immense attacks on crosses, Stars of David, Nativity scenes and other displays of religion in public.

Isn’t it fortuitous that a memorial to honor all the men who died in the “war to end all wars,” now help to put an end to the war of all memorials that have religious shapes or symbols?

Let Freedom Reign in America!


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