The Retired General Who Fought The Taliban On Horseback Is Now Running For Senate

Retired General Don Bolduc is now running as a Republican in New Hampshire against the Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Bolduc was a Green Beret, who was involved in an invasion on Afghanistan that took place on horseback as part of a secret mission back in 2001. The horses were the only suitable transportation the 12 soldier group had for the mountainous region of Northern Afghanistan. Out of the group, only 2 soldiers have ever had horse riding experience.

“We are facing a leadership crisis. Our politicians are working for themselves, and if we don’t make a change in New Hampshire, nothing’s going to change in Washington, D.C.,” Bolduc explained. Bolduc explained his goals and desires are to bring, “servant leadership, personal responsibility and a dedication to our core values” to the Senate.

Bolduc served 36 years in the Army, in which he has served 10 ten tours in Afghanistan, and was awarded five Bronze Star medals and two Purple Hearts. Along with being a former Green Beret member, he was also the commander of Special Operations Command-Africa.


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