The TSA’s Dangerous Security Hazard

If you’ve ever been to an airport, you know that security has been tighter than ever before for fliers. You have to take off your belt, shoes and jewelry, take out all your electronics, walk through a full-body scan, just to be patted down again.

It would seem impossible to get anything through airport security, seeing as how they control every aspect of flying to the point they only allow a small volume of shampoo in a bottle.

The bottom line is if you are not willing to be subjected to searches, you are not getting to any gate, let alone on a flight. That is unless you are an employee or airport venter who has just walked in without any searches because you just so happen to be carrying “blessed food.” The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) police, and the Washington D.C.’s Dulles Airport TSA, currently gives exemptions to food trucks that “serve planes headed to the Middle East,” according to former federal air marshal Robert MacLean.

It’s important to know that entire trucks are getting through airport gates unchecked for the simple fact that they have been “religiously blessed.”

Robert MacLean explained on Fox News described how he was stopped from performing random checks because the food inside the trucks have been “specially blessed.” One time MacLean attempted to search a catering trucks cargo bag, but a police officer stopped him by stating, “specially blessed airline meals have already been searched by an off-site private security company.” This is important to read carefully as it was not the TSA, but it was a private company. The trucks do not get a double check once they reach the airport.

Unfortunately for Robert MacLean, when he emailed an inquiry regarding the religious exemption, he was ordered to pay for a psychiatric examination, which of course he passed. When the TSA could not have him committed, he fired him for “misogyny.”


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