Tim Tebow Encourages Youth to Seek Out God

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow encourages this generation to drop their cellphones and lose themselves in Christ.

Tebow wants young people to slow down so they can have a real understanding of what is success, identity, and significance while living in a God glorifying way.

“The world is going to tell you that it’s about your social media followers. It’s going to tell you it’s about how popular you are. It’s going to tell you it’s about how many likes you get when you post something. And I’m going to tell you that that truly doesn’t matter,” Tim Tebow said. “What matters is that there’s a God that desperately loves you and He wants to know you, and there is a purpose and a reason for you being here.”

Tim Tebow and his brother Robby Tebow are the executive producers of the film “Run the Race,” coming to theaters Feb 22. The film tells the story of two brothers Zach, and David Truett who come to learn from each other and support and love each other despite differences as their lives unfold and their paths to God unfold.


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