Trump Attacks Two Major Tech Companies

Fresh off celebrating a jump in quarterly sales, Google was warned by President Trump again on Friday over its relationship with China. Trump then addressed the issue in a tweet :

Peter Thiel is an American entrepreneur who invests billions. He accused the tech giant of having “treasonous” ties to China, which is when President Trump stepped in. During an interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Thiel detailed his views, after a first disclosure during a conference. Co-founded of PayPal Thiel also sits on Facebook’s Board of Directors. He criticized the search giant for collaborating with China and their military while denying to work with the Defense Department of the United States.

Engineer and Chief Executive Officer of Google LLC.

Google responded to Thiel’s remarks with the following, “As we have said before, we do not work with the Chinese military.” Telling FOX Business in a statement.

President Trump responded to the new allegations via a tweet saying that he will recommend various federal agencies, and possibly the Justice Department, “take a look” into Google.

Peter Theil, not happy and wanting answers to the following questions, Google has allowed access to how many Foreign Countries? In particular, has the Chinese infiltrated? And why won’t you work with the U.S but you gladly work with Communist China? What is the reason you’re doing that?” Thiel told Carlson.

It Doesn’t stop there as President Trump lashed out at Apple, Friday. He stated he would not expect the company’s request for a tariff exclusion on parts of its Mac Pro.

“Apple will not be given Tariff wavers [sic], or relief, for Mac Pro parts that are made in China, Make them in the USA, no Tariffs!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Earlier in the month, Apple filed several dockets with the office of U.S. Trade Representative requesting relief for several parts. Parts like internal cables, circuit boards, and the stainless steel and aluminum frame of the high-end computer.

It was reported in June by Wall Street Journal that Mac Pro, Starting at a price of $5,999, Would complete the assembly in China, moving its production from TX.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Mac Pro, which was introduced in June at a starting price of $5,999, would have its final assembly in China, moving production from Texas.

Bloomberg was first to report the news that Apple was seeking the exclusion. Apple did not return a request to comment for this story. Following the tweet, shares of Apple dipped somewhat but were still trading higher on Friday, up 0.58 percent to $208.22.

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