Trump Invites Two Men Who Stopped Attacks on Stage with Him

At the end of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Annual Meetings and Exhibits, President Trump asked two people to join him on stage. These two people used AR-15 rifles to stop people from attacking innocent lives.

The AR-15 is targeted by pro-gun control groups and politicians because they have been used in many mass shootings. The irony is that handguns make up the majority of homicide by guns.

Mark Vaughan is an Oklahoma County Reserve deputy who was able to stop a knife attack that took place at his job with an AR-15 he kept in his car.

“I immediately entered a building and ran down a hallway. And saw a man attacking a woman, in the neck and head, with a large knife. I yelled. He stopped, paused for a moment, and ran at full speed towards me. At about 18 feet, I fired three rounds from my AR-15 carbine. Immediately incapacitating the subject. He was a determined attacker. Unbeknownst to me moments before, he had decapitated a coworker and had targeted several others in our operation to be attacked that day,” Vaughn said.

The second man invited on stage is NRA firearms instructor Stephan Willeford who was the one that stopped the mass shooting at Sutherland Springs, Texas, church.

Stephen Willeford recalling the moment said, “I ran out the door and I told my daughter to load another magazine for me … the Holy Spirit took over me at that moment and as I ran across the street, I yelled out. The gunman heard me inside, so did some of people from the church, so did my own daughter. He came running out of the church and started shooting at me. I put two shots, center mass. He stopped shooting at me, ran to his vehicle.”


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