Trump Passes MISSION Act to Put Power of Healthcare Back in Veteran Hands

Last year Congress passed the MISSION Act that will put American veterans at the center of health care decisions. The law will give the Department of Veterans Affairs the ability to provide the best health care to veterans whether they are with community providers or VA health care.

There was massive bipartisan support for this new legislation as well as strong support from veterans service organizations.

Starting on June 6th, the MISSION Act will allow the VA to create a simple program that will allow veterans the ability to choose the health care provider they want.

Veterans will be allowed to get community care when the VA cannot provide the treatment they need or when there is a better chance another system could help them.

Under the new legislation, VA patients who have a 20-day or longer wait time for primary or mental health care will have the option to choose a provider who can deliver faster care. Those eligible will also have access to walk-in care at participating community clinics.

The MISSION Act puts the power back in the hands of veterans.

With the MISSION Act, the future of the VA health care system will lie in the hands of veterans – precisely where it should be.

While we still have more work to do, the VA is making progress.


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