Trump Signs Sanctions Against Iran On Heels of Drone Attack

President Trump signed new sanctions against Iran’s leading terrorist and declared that the regime may not obtain a nuclear weapon.

Standing next to Vice President Mike Pence, Trump stated, “We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran. Never can Iran have a nuclear weapon.”

“I’ll be signing an executive order imposing hard hitting sanctions on the Supreme Leader of Iran and the office of the Supreme Leader of Iran and many others. Today’s action follows a series of aggressive behaviors by the Iranian regime in recent weeks including shooting down of U.S. drones,” he continued.

When he was asked if the sanctions came on the heels of the Iran’s attack of drones he explained, “you could probably add that into this…This was something that was going to happen anyway.”

President Trump maintained that the U.S. was showing restraint after Iran shot down a U.S. Navy surveillance drone over international waters and that this was a warning.

“We do not seek conflict with Iran or any other country. I think a lot of restraint has been shown by us and that doesn’t mean we’re going to show it in the future,” he continued.


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