Trump’s Assistant Fired for Making Derogatory Comments About His Children

A former White House personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, resigned on August 29 after President Trump became aware of conversations she had with reporters earlier in the month. In an off the record conversation with a reporter in early August, 28-year-old Westerhout told reporters that her relationship with the president was better than his relationship with both his daughters.

This was in reference to Ivanka Trump, his daughter with his first wife Ivana, and Tiffany Trump, his daughter with his second wife, Marla Maples. One of the most egregious comments came at the expense of 25-year-old Tiffany. According to Politico, Westerhout had told reporters that President Trump did not like being photographed with his youngest daughter because he felt she was overweight.

The president’s former personal assistant also reportedly made a joke about Trump not being able to pick Tiffany out of a crowd.

“This was an off-the-record dinner, and the media blatantly violated that agreement,” an administration official said.

There were reporters from several outlets including Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

Information that the journalist learns during off-the-record conversations is undeniably not supposed to be shared. It is an unbreakable rule of the journalistic business, and basically, every journalist knows this to be true. If it is made known beforehand that you are having an off-the-record conversation involving a reporter, it is understood that the information gained during this time will not be published.

One of the reporters Westerhout had dinner with was Phil Rucker from the Washington Post. Because Westerhout was close to and worked with President Trump, Rucker seemed to have no issue with breaking the confidential rule.

Somehow Rucker was hailed as a hero, and The Washington Post released a statement praising him and his actions. This was a severe breach of ethics in the journalism realm. However, this is not surprising seeing as how other mainstream media darlings have gotten away with insane misconducts.

Washington Post editor Steven Ginsberg said, “He (Phil Rucker) has always acted with the utmost honor and integrity and has never violated Washington Post standards or policies.”

Ginsberg also referred to him as one of the best reporters seen in the news business. Yes, Ginsberg, your fake news reporter is one of the best at faking news and breaching journalistic ethics. You should be oh so proud.

CNN anchor Don Lemon has been credibly accused of multiple instances of sexual assault. Another CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has video evidence against him threatening a man who makes a joke about calling him “Fredo.” There was an MSNBC anchor who relayed false information pertaining to Trump’s finances. The fake news media cannot be trusted, and this has been a known fact for a long time.

“I really think she had a bad night. I think it was unfortunate. She said she was drinking, and the whole thing was very unfortunate,” Trump relayed to reporters.

When asked about the comments about his youngest daughter, Trump adamantly denied them. He went on to say that Tiffany is a wonderful person and that he loves her.

Tiffany has not directly publically addressed the comment fiasco, but she did post a message to her Instagram Story.

Just returning for her last year in law school at Georgetown University, Tiffany is finishing up her law degree. This university is a private research school located in Washington, D.C. Getting into this school is quite difficult with only 14% of applicants being accepted for its class of 2023. For undergrad, she double majored in Urban Studies and Sociology where she obtained a concentration in Law and Society.

Typically not one to be in the spotlight, having highly derogatory and hurtful comments be plastered all over the news and social media is probably quite difficult. Unlike her older siblings who are more involved in White House business, Tiffany normally does not speak at his rallies or appear on TV. Being just one year younger than herself, I could not help but feel for her in this tough situation.

Westerhout has to carry responsibility for this incident. She had to have clearly known that the is extreme animosity between the press and President Trump. Perhaps the last thing you would want to do is drink too much when having dinner with members of the media who undeniably are not fans of the president.

The reporters did not care how this would affect Westerhout’s life, career, and reputation for the rest of her life. Caring about someone’s humanity is not a regular thing that occurs these days, especially not in Washington.

At the young age of 28, Westerhout went from having the prestigious opportunity of being the president’s personal assistant to being a pariah. Since 2016, she had served under President Trump. Her office sat right in front of the Oval Office and was responsible for screening phone calls, scheduling meetings, and acted as a gatekeeper. Her past resume includes working as a Republican National Committee aide. She also worked for the 2012 presidential campaign for Mitt Romney.

It has been reported by the New York Times, that she initially “cried on election night because she was upset over Mr. Trump’s victory.”

Her career has crashed and burned, but instead of feminists coming to her rescue, they are too busy patting “journalist” Phil Rucker on his back for his leaking heroism.

What I find interesting is that Rucker would burn Westerhout so quick. Here is a close source who is supposedly willingly leaking information and obviously has shown trust in revealing information. If the slimeball Rucker was smart, you think he would have wanted to take more advantage of that and gain more info whether it was true or not.

It seems that the White House encounters having disloyal members leave quite often. Probably, vetting, vetting, and more vetting would be a useful measure for future people who will be close to the president.

A lesson to be learned: if you are connected to the president, maybe abstain from having dinner with any reporter who has knowingly disdain for Trump, especially when there is alcohol involved.

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