USA Women’s National Soccer Team Wins, But Will They Visit the White House?

The USA Women’s National soccer team has won the World cup but not only won, but they’ve won the World Cup four years in a row! That’s impressive! But will the champions be visiting the White House after this victory? That’s the real question here. We’ve heard the comment from Megan Rapinoe (winger for the USA) saying; “I will not going to the f—ing White House.”. And from what her teammates have been commenting on the subject, it doesn’t look like they will be making a trip to D.C as they all seem to support her and have her back on this one. Should this be viewed as a disrespectful act, as we all know,, it is a big ordeal to be invited to the White House from the President himself.

Also, Rapinoe a few years back she supported Colin Kaepernick, she became known as the first white pro athlete in the United States to support former National Football League quarterbacks protest of racism and police brutality. At a game in 2016, she knelt during the rendition of the national anthem; It’s a protest that flustered U.S. soccer authorities, which is now a mandatory requirement to stand during the anthem. Rapinoe is compliant, but she silent as it’s performed, her silence representing another act of dissent but in others eyes a sign of disrespect to her Country and the flag she wears on the field. You can take a stand-in so many ways but not participating in singing the national anthem is a bit far. To disrespect and not want to honor the Country you represent all because of one man, the President of the United States is not a good enough excuse. Trump was not the one out there, fighting for this Country’s freedom. All these athletes are doing is disrespecting and not showing gratitude to the Vets and Soldiers that fought and lost their lives for this Country. It’s not hard to understand why some don’t like Trump or agree with the things that he says or does, but one man should not stand in the way of the love you have for your Country and the history and culture that make up the United States of America. They need to sit back first and try to look at the bigger picture here, which is Presidents come and go every four years, just like the world cup. But the Country remains United as one, no matter who runs it, we remain free and equal, and we all have to remember what this Country means and represents. To not go to the White House because of who lives or works in it is ridiculous, you’re going to personify your country and victory you guys just brought home to the USA. You’re going for history and acknowledgment, not to have a cup of tea with the President and act like his best friend. It all depends on your view of things and believe how you should go about different situations and scenarios. We’ll see if they change their mind and realize they’re not going for man, they’re going for the Country and the people who live in it, to celebrate with US, the people, the great victory they just brought home.


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