(Video) “Don’t touch kids you pervert!”; Biden Called Out at his Own Rally

Brave American citizens were not afraid to stand up to Joe Biden at his own campaign event. This last Sunday in Milford, New Hampshire, Joe Biden was holding an event to promote his upcoming bid for the Democratic nomination. The Presidential hopeful was met with concerned Americans who called out his disturbing pattern of behavior both around children and with regard to his dealings in Ukraine.

The attendees demanded that he answer for his behavior, but shifty Joe simply ignored them. Rather than address any question or concern they had he dismissively muttered that “this is not a Trump rally.” This is not the first time that Joe Biden has run into trouble with the crowds at his event; just recently he came under fire from another attendee over his shady business dealings in Ukraine.

Some video of the altercation can be found below:

Bitter Joe Biden Slams Trump at Rally, Gets Called Out by Audience Member

On Friday night in San Antonio, TX, Joe Biden was speaking ill of Donald Trump in relation to immigration and veteran care.

Suddenly an audience member interjected “What about the corruption in Ukraine?”
The protester was referring to Biden’s son, Hunter, and his multi-million dollar salary in Ukraine during Obama’s presidency while his father was VP of the USA.

Of course, Biden did not answer and the crowd booed the man away. As he was being taken out, Biden told the crowd ,“This man represents Donald Trump very well. He’s just like Donald Trump,”

“A great American. Just let him go. Don’t hurt … Just let him go. This is not a Trump rally. This is a real rally.”

He then continued to talk about the El Paso parking lot shooting in Texas, blaming Trump’s rhetoric for the massacre entirely, and promised to never treat Latinos the way Donald Trump does.

What do you think Patriots? Was Donald Trump responsible for the El Paso shooting? Is the Hunter Biden scandal ever going to lead to prosecution?


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