Vietnam Vet Scares Off 3 Carjackers Who Shoot at Him

A Wisconsin man who was in the Vietnam War helping U.S. troops in Laos stood up to a group of carjackers on Memorial Day.

Saylee Vang stepped out of his home around 9 a.m. and was assaulted by three young men who tried to rob him at gunpoint and started demanding his keys.

“Scariest thing would be losing my dad right there. I saw on the video they actually had a gun pointed at him. I’m glad he’s still here though,” said Saylee’s son, Yimleej Vang.

Vang managed to chase them away before he got back in his vehicle to chase them. One of the suspects shot at his vehicle four times, fortunately, he was not injured.

His son explains his father’s cool stance, “Very startled but he said he was in the war, Vietnam War. It doesn’t really faze him. He looked at them and said, ‘Today is not my day to go.'”

Vang was in Laos helping U.S. troops until he came to the U.S. in 1979.

The 66-year-old turned over the surveillance footage to police and said the two men who had weapons appeared to be teenagers.


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