Vietnam War Vet Finally Receives Purple Heart 50 Years Later.

Staff Sgt. Timothy Shelton, 70, finally received the Purple Heart with six other awards 50 years after he served in the Vietnam War. It took 50 years because of a clerical error made when he was discharged from the military in 1971. Shelton was injured in Vietnam but a clerk who processed his information couldn’t find any evidence at the time that he had been wounded and instead of fighting it, he just decided to leave it alone.

“I said the hell with it, and came home,” Shelton said.

He was able to get his Purple Heart after he needed help with a disability claim and reached out for help. With a DVD of his military recording showing he had been wounded by a landmine that killed 6 of his platoon members. He had gotten shrapnel in his chest and was able to survive the attack.

Timothy Shelton also received the Vietnam Service Medal, three Bronze Service Stars, the Combat Infantryman Badge, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon and the Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar and Machine Gun Bar.


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