Visa Holding Immigrants Arrested In Connection to Burglary Ring

Thieves from Chile are assumed to be the suspects behind hundreds of burglaries in Southern California. These thieves got visa waivers to enter the United States according to authorities.

A ring of sophisticated burglars has targeted the homes, businesses, and cars in Los Angeles, Alameda, Orange County, and so forth stealing guns, jewelry, and other items of value.

The FBI warns that a similar episode of “burglary tourism” is currently occurring in Arizona, Texas, New York, Colorado, even in several European countries. And yet, Southern California is a “hot zone” according to Laura Emililler.

These buglaries are very lucrative and the theft ring only seems to be growing. Simi Valley police arrested three men for vehicle burglaries. The men used a jamming device to stop vehicle owners from locking their own cars. They often steal peoples information and identities to re-enter the countries or other countries abroad.

The visa waivers are good for


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