Why Do Young People Find Socialism So Attractive?

The growing appeal to socialist policies within today’s youth can be challenging to understand. To anyone over 40 years of age, to us, the American capitalist system has given us the highest standard of living in the world, we’ve seen “socialism” lead to a totalitarian government repeatedly, and we’ve also seen once strong nations like Venezuela crumble under the socialist narrative. So to see the younger generation led towards popular socialist beliefs can be confusing.

But we must understand that the younger generation are growing up in a vastly difference world that that of us over the age of 40. For instance those of 40 saw no only their parents work steady jobs for most of their lives, but grandparents as well. Jobs that had to support an entire family. Those of 40 also saw their parents buy into Social Security and plan to live on Social Security. These parents were able to access health care without fear of fiances being destroyed. These parents also more than likely had college degrees without holding any debt. Those aged above 40 grew up in a culture where if parents had financially failed, there was a neighborhood and religious culture along with government programs that could help them get back on their feet. Current American children now have grew up seeing the opposite. The American worker have been replaced by an outside work force which has largely driven down labor cost. Everyone angrily pays into Social Security not believe it will be around when they turn 40. The cost of college seems like a pipe dream and no one believes in any elected official. The modern adult cannot afford to get sick or injured for fear of financial doom. It seems the youth are constantly wondering when the next recession will play out.

America is now split into two different groups, one that already has access to America as a socialist state and a group that pays for that state yet has no access to anything of benefit.


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