Young Boy Ties Honor Guard Shoelaces During 4th of July Parade

The young man who went viral after the Fourth of July for tieing the shoes of an Honor Guard member stated that did so because of his desire to become a police officer.

Josh Brown, 11, was celebrating at the Arlington, Texas, Fourth of July parade, when he noticed that an Honor Guard member’s shoelace was untied. He boldly stepped up to the member Jerrick Wilson as Wilson could not put down the flag he was holding.

Josh stated that he was nervous at first, but felt as if he had to do it anyway telling Fox & Friends, “I think it was just respect for the officer, that I wanted to do that.”

Josh was worried during the parade that the shoes might not have stayed tied, and fortunately for Wilson they were. After the parade, Josh got to meet Officer Wilson.

Wilson said, “I’ve always had a passion for serving, whether for my country or the community. So I have always had that, that want to serve and help others.”


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