Candace Owens Slays Fake News at ‘White Supremacy’ Hearing

During a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on September 20th, conservative Candace Owens after she took a liberal professor to task.

Owens’ explosive defense against a liberal agitator, Kathleen Belew, went viral on Twitter. Belew falsely accused her of using the word “hilarious” in reference to white supremacy and the Christchurch massacre.

In true Owen’s style, she did not mince words with the liberal professor who spewed such allegations. Owen’s hit back at Democrats and relayed that they repeat the notion of confronting white supremacy “every four years ahead of an election cycle to get black votes.

She continued to express that Belew did what the media regularly does which is manipulating what republicans, conservatives and our president says. Democrats seem to have a narrative, and the media will shape that narrative to fit their agenda.

Belew dared to suggest that Owens found the concept of people being slaughtered, like what happened with the Christchurch massacre, to be funny. Owens’ strong support of President Trump has made her quite unpopular with many Democrats and is often having her words misconstrued for such.

The sick individual who killed dozens of Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, named Owens as an influence. The shooter also cited Spyro the dragon and Nelson Mandela as inspirations as well. What Owens found amusing was that no one could come up with concrete numbers in terms of white nationalism. They could not produce facts to back up anything they were spewing.

North Carolina GOP Rep. Mark Meadows decided to yield his allowed time to allow Owens to respond. Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan briefly pointed to the belief that she meant that other issues ultimately matter more than white supremacy.

She explained that it was not the subject matter that was hilarious, but it was funny that in a room with two doctors, none of them could give real numbers on how white supremacy was a threat. No facts or evidence was presented to back up their statements that they proudly touted as being correct.

Owens explained, “Nobody can give us real numbers that we can respond to so we can assess how big of a threat this is. Because you know that it is not as big of a threat as you are trying to make it out to be so that you can manipulate.”

Owens hammered on the point that there are genuine and critical issues that are affecting minority Americans and the black community. Owens stated, “If I had to make a list of 100 things, white nationalism would not make the list.”

She also pointed out the irony that the people testifying were three Caucasian people. She also reminded the audience that her expertise was Black America because, in all her 30 years of life, that is what she has been.

The main reason she gave for the destruction of the black community is Democratic policies. The absentee father epidemic, black population growth stagnation, and mass incarceration are factual reasons this is occurring.

A psychiatrist at a juvenile assessment center, Dr. Curtis Longs, said the vast majority of young black males who are at the detention facility never even met their fathers. The charges they face may be different, but the common denominator is that they all do not have fathers in their lives.

The Administration for Children and Families unleashed a report in 2018 that showed 48% of black children live in mother-only households. It is a staggering difference from the 18% of white children living in mother-only homes.

Back in April, Owens told lawmakers at a white nationalism hearing that a more real concern is the harassment that conservatives of color have to endure. The Democratic panel was called out as focusing on power and control instead of the subject of racism. She used the example of her 74-year -old grandfather who experienced racism in the name of white nationalism at the hand of the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow laws.

Owens lambasted the Democrats for trying to scare minorities into submission so they could keep gaining control.

The division has long been used as a tool by politicians to work their way into power positions and keep the American people submissive. Pointing out the concepts of racial divisions and class warfares, Owens relays that this is all crucial to the Democratic Party’s platform. The left needs people hating each other based on things such as skin color and financial status to create the chaos necessary for domination.

Owens has been leading a movement referred to as “Blexit,” which is the black exit from the Democratic Party. Her goal is to encourage black Americans to reject permanent victimhood and the false ideologies that keep people separated and divided.

When Kanye West began speaking up in support of President Trump, he cited Owens as an influence. West said he loved the way she thought, and this brought increased popularity her way. Her continual support of the president has caused her significant backlash. Despite this, her goal of showing other black people that they have the choice to vote Republican is still going.

Owens just recently stepped down from her position with Turning Point USA, a conservative activist group. This organization strives to educate and train students to promote principles of freedom. This group is often met with protests and threats. Several of their conferences have been shut down due to violent protestors and riot threats. Her and Turning Point founder, Charlie Kirk, were harassed by an Antifa mob while they were attempting to eat breakfast. The Antifa protestors shouted, “No more white supremacy.”

Owens was the communications director and she still adamantly supports all they do. She may officially have left, but she told fans that she still will be speaking at Turning Point conferences.

Candace Owens has become known for her no-nonsense attitude towards Democratic hypocrisy, especially when it relates to the black community. Her continued support of President Trump has brought on an onslaught of attacks from the left. Through this, Owens has continued to fight for what she believes in. Through facts and passion, Owens has gained millions of fans and has become known for her slaying of fake news stories.

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