Did Iran Really Arrest 17 CIA Spies?

Iran has claimed to have arrested 17 spies that were working for the CIA, and also claims some have been sentenced to death.

Officials in Iran claim the suspects were collecting nuclear, military and government intelligence.

This news comes after Iran shot down an American drone as well as seizing a U.K. based oil tanker, which they claimed was violating international sanctions.

What we know so far is that the spies apparently worked independent of each other, as well as being spread out in military and nuclear facilities.

The head of Iran’s intelligence ministry’s espionage department was quoted saying, “Sentences for these spies have been issued, some of whom are to be put to death as ‘corruptors on earth’ [a charge punishable by death under Islamic rules in Iran].”

Mahmoud Alavi, the Intelligence Minister of Iran, stated a documentary on the arrest of the spies is to be aired on Iranian TV.

Many view Iran’s claims with doubt, as President Trump tweeted:

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